A Mark of Quality in BIFM Qualifications

After a rigorous audit process including a succession of interviews and checks on our processes and procedures, we are proud to announce that we have successfully been awarded ISO9001 certification for the quality of our training department and delivery of BIFM Qualifications.

This is an internationally recognised accreditation and gives official recognition of a fact that we’ve known all along – that when it comes to facilities management training and qualifications, we offer an experience of true quality to our students. And to cap it all, we’re the ONLY provider of BIFM Qualifications to hold ISO9001 accreditation. We’re not saying that other training providers don’t provide a good service, but we are saying that we’re the only one where you can be sure of our commitment to quality and customer service before you’ve even enrolled on a course.

Special congratulations must go to our training manager, Naomi Birch, who did a fantastic job of putting together our submission. After months of checking, expanding and documenting all of our BIFM qualification processes, Naomi was rewarded with a near-flawless audit – we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Naomi has recently taken time off to¬†welcome her daughter into the world, so this was the perfect way to end her time with us before going off on maternity leave.

Of course, being awarded the accreditation is only the beginning. In order to remain an ISO9001 accredited organisation, we have to be able to demonstrate a commitment to continuous and ongoing improvement to the quality of our service. We have every intention of maintaining our newly awarded status, so you can be sure that things are only going to get better! We’re working on further improvements as we speak, both to the training programmes we provide, our online capability and the processes we use to manage and run our courses.

Watch this space for the latest developments!