How Do I Choose The Right Facilities Management Qualification?

18th September 2020
Chris Morris

It can be very overwhelming to find the right course for yourself, there is so much information on the web about Facilities Management qualifications. How much do you already know about Facilities Management? Are you working as a Facilities Manager at the moment and want to progress, or are you looking for a complete career change? All these questions have to be answered to […]


Eye halve a spelling checker – communication skills for students writing assignments

20th August 2020
Sue Morris

A key skill for all Facilities Managers, if not everyone in the working environment is Communication. Communication can take several different forms – it can be verbal, visual, written and of course, non-verbal and as Facilities Managers we are involved in using all four types. It does not matter which form of communication you are […]


BIFM Qualifications coming to Birmingham

13th July 2017
Xenon Group

If there’s one area of the country that has been neglected since 2010 when the BIFM Qualifications were first launched, it’s the West Midlands. But that’s all about to change!


It started with a click….

25th May 2017
Helen Lund

In May 2015 I clicked “enter” on my keyboard. It was the press of a button that was to change my life. I checked the small print – there was no get out clause and I was committed.

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Hey! Teacher!

25th April 2017
Chris Morris

Not sure how to choose a training provider to guide you through a BIFM Qualification? Here’s 5 questions you should be asking training providers before deciding who to study with.