If you're an outsourcing company offering Facilities Management Services, Business Development is a key function if you want to grow your business and spread your business risk across a range of clients.

It’s a tough world

Unfortunately, winning business is no walk in the park. It’s a tough, competitive market out there, with scores of companies fighting for business and clients with differing opinions on what a good service provider should offer.

That’s where we come in

We can work with you to ease the pain of business development. We’ll spend time with you to make sure we understand your business model and help identify opportunities which suit that model. Then we’ll work with you on deciphering the specifications you’re given and help write a bid that will maximise your opportunity to win.

Winning is just the beginning

Of course, winning the bid is just the first stage. Once the contract is signed, the real work starts. We can help you map out and implement your mobilisation plan, bring on board the staff that you’ll inherit through TUPE, and be on hand to help during those difficult first days of the contract.


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