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Welcome to the Xenon Group One-Minute Leveller.

This online tool is designed to advise you which level of the accredited BIFM qualifications you would be best suited for, based on your current and previous experience within the Facilities Management Industry.

You will be asked a series of questions about your background in facilities management, your current status as an FM and the duties and responsibilities you hold in your current role.

Based on the answers to these questions, we will be able to make a recommendation as to which course would be most suitable for you.

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Are you, or have you ever been, a practicing Facilities Management Professional?



Do you work, or have you ever worked, in an FM related industry? (e.g. Building Maintenance, Cleaning Management, Security etc)



What level of BIFM Membership do you hold?

I am not a member of BIFM

I am an affiliate member

I am an associate member (ABIFM)

I am a full member (MBIFM)

What people management responsibilities have you held in your current role or in a previous job?

I have never managed any staff

I have managed a team of junior staff and influenced decisions on who to hire

I manage a whole team and am responsible for signing off all hiring decisions

I am responsible for long-term FM workload planning at all levels

In either your current or a previous role, what relationship have you had with your contractors?

I work alongside contractors to get jobs done, but do not manage them directly.

I have monitored overall contract performance in relation to SLAs and reviewed KPIs where necessary.

I have been involved in defining the specifications for contractors, negotiating SLAs, deciding on which contractor to use and managing the contract once it is in place.

I have overall responsibility for the teams of staff who deal with contractors

What sort of planning activities do you normally get involved with?

I carry out plans and jobs given to me by my managers.

I am given short/medium term targets and objectives and it's up to me to decide how to achieve them.

I make operational plans and devise business processes, then oversee their implementation.

I make long term facilities plans in line with the overall business plan.

In either your current or a previous role, what is the highest level of budgetary responsibility you have held?

I have never held any budgetary responsibility. Buying decisions are made by my managers.

I have managed specific budgets and have been authorised to make buying decisions.

I have set budgets for specific services or for my direct reports as well as managing an overall budget.

I have set and managed large budgets for entire FM operations.

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