The Post-COVID FM Opportunity

I really enjoyed the series of IWFM Turbulent Times webinars, particularly the one on the theme of ’Skills in the Post Covid World’.

The challenges faced in equipping the workplace for new working practices as we go through the Covid experience are multiple, not less the many unknown factors as the knock on effect in the months and years to come become apparent.

Workplaces are still ‘a thing’ and offices will undoubtedly still be needed but re-designed, functioning differently and meeting new needs. As much as many are enjoying the flexibility that home working can give, interaction in the workplace setting is difficult to fully replace virtually. How many have had their best ideas and conversations when chatting informally with a colleague or team member? Wellbeing plays a huge part as well and homeworking can be very isolating.

While having some vision for what is needed in an office has always been necessary, it’s perhaps harder to predict currently?

Great Facilities Managers are multi-skilled and challenges like this one are a great opportunity to strengthen the reputation and face of Workplace teams, demonstrating the critical value that FM can bring to an organisation. Technology and services are crucial but understanding the culture of the environment and listening to what people need, is as valuable. As ever there will be many needs and wants to meet!

For many FM’s these circumstances will be a pivotal opportunity for enhancing their skills base through training and development as well as putting into practice those they have already got to hand.

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